Tune in to "You Auto Know", an entertaining radio show that airs Sunday's at 12noon-1pm* on WPRO AM630 and 99.7FM. Host Mark Perryman will be on the air each week, with top to bottom car talk. New, used, antique. Foreign to domestic, Acura to Ford, GM to Volvo and everything in between. A definite love of nostalgia.  Nothing is off-limits, and Mark wants your phone calls. Joining Mark each week will be a special guest from the automotive field. Some fun, great insight behind-the-scenes, some laughs, and a whole lotta talk about cars! Join in!

It's in-depth car talk, but always easy to follow, so enthusiasts with all degrees of expertise will enjoy. If you like cars, this show is for you!

The WPRO Studio Line is: 401-438-9776  (401-GET WPRO)  or 1-800-321-9776

Oh yeah... if you had something happen out on the road in the past week that really bothered you, no need for road rage.  Give Mark a call in the "Stick It Up Your Tailpipe" section, and let that person know how you really feel!

During the New England Patriot's season, their 1pm games on Sunday will pre-empt our show.  Hard to imagine! 
A wonderful Google Review!     Sept 2019

"Although I have not purchased a new vehicle yet, I enjoyed my visit to your Subaru dealership in North Attleboro. I sat with Corinne in sales who was a fantastic representative for the dealership. She was friendly, knowledgeable, and personable and made my visit a pleasure. I also spoke to Matt about the offer he presented me with and found him to be honest and trustworthy.
On my way out I chatted to Mark Perryman, the General Manager, who was busy cooking chicken and pork chops on the grill for visitors and staff. I understand they do this every Saturday rain or shine. I've heard Mark many times on his WPRO radio show "You Auto Know" and recognized him by his distinctive voice. Our conversation went from fishing to football, from living in Florida to renovating a home and not once did bring up the subject of buying a new Subaru from him. And that's what I find so intriguing about Mark, he can talk about anything including cars and you don't get the feeling it's a sales pitch. I remember one of the shows dealing exclusively with the new 2020 Chevrolet Corvette and how great a car it is because he's a car guy. I find that refreshing in a person and radio personality. Truthfulness, knowledge and honesty go a long was and say a lot about a man and the business he's involved in. If your looking to buy a car, new or used, you owe it to yourself to stop by the dealership and see what they can do to help. Tell them I said hi. Great bunch of people!"