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Leadership and Vision

Adam Arens

My family and I are active community members and we are driven to serve.  We are fortunate enough to have our hands in many charities and businesses. While I did not grow up in New England, we have been here since 2003. I have been in the automobile business since 1981 (after college), I have two children who are grown adults, as well as a granddaughter and daughter in law (in Newton). We love getting to know our customers and our team, and look forward to seeing you!

Mark Perryman

Started: 06/01/2018
Hi all, Mark Perryman here,  currently the Managing Partner / General Manager of Patriot Subaru in North Attleboro, Massachusetts. My wife Stacey and I have been married for thirty-five years and currently reside in the seaside town of Barrington, Rhode Island. We have two sons Derek and Clayton, who live in Brandon Florida and Brooklyn New York.

I started my Automotive career in Marshall, Texas while attending Marshall High School where I graduated in 1981.  After High School I joined the United States Army working in the field of Intelligence, stationed in Giessen, Germany and Fort Ord in Marina, California. I was proud to receive multiple Medals of Achievement.  

After my Military career I moved back to Dallas, Texas and resumed my love for the Automotive Industry. I moved through all phases of the business and into management within two years.  I have been in General Management and Executive Management, as well as Consulting for thirty-one years.

My resume includes being a Financial Advisor and I hold the Series 6, 63, 65 licenses. I managed Re-Insurance companies, 401k holdings, as well as personal holdings for multiple dealership owners.

I am a graduate of the National Automotive Dealership Academy.  Over the years I have been a guest speaker at the NADA Academy and the National Association of Minority Automotive Dealers NAMAD, as an expert in Automotive Management and Dealership Operations.

When I am not in the store, I am with my family, out golfing, fishing, or enjoying music and sporting events. My mission is to make sure that I share my knowledge to anyone that desires to meet their ultimate goals in the Automotive Industry. I am very passionate about my team succeeding in their personal careers. 

Click here for a quick note from me and my wish to hear directly from you on any topic. I'm looking forward to your thoughts!

Oh, tune into WPRO 630 AM/ 99.7 FM on Sundays, noon to 1pm, to hear my "You Auto Know" radio show!  We have a blast talking about everything under the sun in the automotive industry.  Please - call in while we are on the air and share your thoughts!  1-800-321-9776


Customer Service and Sales

Matt D'Ambra
Customer Service and Sales Lead

Started: 10/04/2018
I grew up in North Providence and currently living in Providence. I consider myself a professional single Dad to my teenage daughter, Maya. I started my automotive career in 1996 as a Service Tech at Sears Automotive in Woonsocket, RI.  My sales career began in 1998, coming up through the ranks in both the sales and finance departments, and now management. I'm very fortunate to have found a home here at Patriot Subaru of North Attleboro,  where I can help build a great team!

As we all know there is a little time off in the car industry, but when I do have time you can find me starting my day at LaSalle Bakery in Providence.  I enjoy all types of music, fine foods and time with my close family and friends….and of course, ending my day with a glass of Patron and a fine cigar.

I'm so excited for this upcoming year with Patriot Subaru, With our owner leading the way, we have strong training programs, Mark Perryman's "You Auto Know" live radio show, community sponsorships and so much more. I have been afforded the opportunity to lead, build on my skills, teach and manage our great team!

Jason Mitchell
Sales Manager

Started 7/15/2018

Greetings everyone. I grew up in the Warwick area, and now live in Casco, RI.  I'm the father of 2 daughters and 1 son, and that makes every day a great day. I've always been in the automotive field, both on the service side and the sales side. When I'm not here at the dealership, I'm either hanging with my kids, or getting in a good work out in the gym. I've been at that five days a week for the past 10 years.  In my background, I've enjoyed wrestling, judo, football, and baseball. I enjoy participating rather than watching sports, and can talk about training and fitness all day!  I look forward to helping you anytime you are here at the dealership!

Gary Cooper
Sales Manager

Hey everyone, Gary here. I still live in Groton, CT, where I grew up. My father was in the Navy and retired there, so I've always been in that area. My wife and I married in '87, and we have two wonderful daughters, and 2 granddaughters. My oldest daughter is the head coach for the Coast Guard Academy Softball team, and the other is in Nursing School. I've been in the automotive business for over 30 years, primarily on the sales and management side, including owning my own used car store for a while.  Pretty much a regular guy who loves sports, and I particularly love playing golf and basketball.  In fact, I still get on a skateboard now and then!  We have two dogs, a cat, and a bunny. I love all types and aspects of music, good for the ride I make each day to to the store!  I certainly look forward to meeting you!

David Quaglia
Trade Up Advisor

Started: 01/30/2020

Pat Kelly
Customer Service and Sales

Started: 05/12/2016
I am originally from the Boston area. I am a big fan of classic cars. I have a couple of dogs, but I love all animals. I had the great opportunity of selling Subarus in the 80s,  and wow have they changed since then!

Marty Ross
Customer Service and Sales

Started: 09/01/2016
I am originally from Rhode Island.  My life revolves around my family. Family is everything to me in all aspects of my life.  I have 2 sons, Ethan and Jacob and a wonderful wife, Sheri.  My whole family are Disney fanatics and we love our trips there.  All my free time is spent with my family and we love shopping, going apple picking, having movie night and playing games together.  I now live in North Attleboro and am glad to finally be at Patriot Subaru.

Henrique Quedevez
Customer Service and Sales

Started: 10/02/2016

Hi all,

I was born in Brazil and came to the U.S. at an early age.  Now I'm married, and a have a beautiful 2 year old daughter named Evie.  When I'm not working, you'll find me spending my time with the family.  After 10 years in retail, I changed careers to automotive sales and it's been a great decision. I look forward to meeting you!

Patrick Dorcena
Customer Service and Sales

Started: 06/18/2018

Hi, Patrick here. My mom and dad came to the U.S. from Haiti to raise their 8 children. Now I am a proud husband and father to 4 boys, living in Plainville. I love watching my sons playing sports, particularly football.  We also have a dog, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. He's small but has a big personality!  For me, it's all about providing the Dorcena Experience to my customers, making sure everything is done do a T. Take an abstract idea and make it concrete, something special. I look forward to sharing some great moments with you!

Corinne Fox
Customer Service and Sales

Started: 06/04/2018
I was born and raised in Attleboro, Massachusetts. I'm an animal lover and I have a 4 year old Staffordshire terrier named Sage as well as two cats, Buddy and Nelly. I'm really interested in make up, it's something growing up I've always had a passion for and I love going to Sephora when I know I can splurge on some quality products. Growing up I was able to enjoy the summers at our family's cottage on Long Lake in Maine. There with family and friends I learned to wakeboard, waterski, slalom ski, knee board and tube. Going to Maine as an adult I love exploring the different trails with my dog. I've always loved hiking with her at our hometown but exploring new trails and beaches in MA and RI is always more exciting.   My summer days in Maine are a lot more scarce now and a little more relaxed when I'm there but I take the opportunity when I get it. My dog loves to swim probably as much if not more than I do, so she is always up for a trip to the beach or the lake. I swam freestyle for my high school for 3 years. I spend most of my free time with family and close friends, I'm all about being positive and enjoying yourself and trying to make everyday more fun.

Jay Brown
Customer Service and Sales

Started: 10/01/2018
Hi everyone! My name is Jason. I was born and raised in Rhode Island. I have worked with my hands most of my life but have found a passion for working with people. I have been in sales for the last 8 years and just like McDonald's, "I'm lovin' it!" When I am not working I enjoy spending time with my wife of 8 years working on puzzles! I have a Shih Tzu named Max and he only likes me when my wife's not around! Come in and have some fun, drive some cars! I look forward to meeting you! Ask for Brownie!

Emily Day
Customer Service and Sales

Started: 02/20/2019
I'm Emily Day and I'm from Cumberland Rhode Island. I come from a pretty big family full of crazy kids! My life is mostly full of my dog Zeus, hes 80 pounds of happy!! I love New England but mostly for its beaches, soaking up the sun is one of my favorite things to do!! When the winter rolls in I'm for sure a home body!! I like to watch comedies and just about anything Disney (I'm a kid at heart)! If you wondering I do drive a Subaru and I Love it, infact its the only thing I like about the snow!!! Meeting new people is the most interesting thing to me, everyone is so different and it's cool to find out what makes people tick!

Jacob Coyle
Customer Service and Sales

Started: 08/29/2019

I am a new father of a beautiful daughter, and a step father of 3 boys.  I grew up in Seekonk MA.  I love all of the Major New England sports teams.   Mostly Patriots , Red Sox and Celtics.  I love all types of music.  I got into the car business because i love making people happy.  I sold Ford and Mazda for the first 5 years of my career. I am proud to now sell Subaru with the Patriot family.  You won't find a more laid back low pressure sales consultant.

John Rappa
Customer Service and Sales

Greetings! I'm originally from Warwick, RI, and now reside in East Greenwich. I enjoy working out, and enjoying fun with family and friends. I was raised in the old school style - family always comes first.  I'm a three-time Golden Gloves boxing champion, and Budweiser Belt Champion.

George Gamache
Customer Service and Sales

Ezra Blasing
Customer Service and Sales

Hi!  I'm Ezra, born, raised, and living in Lincoln, RI, including graduating from Lincoln High. Prior to getting into the automotive field, I had 3 years at the RI State House of Representatives as a House Page. That was fun, but my love is cars! I worked at another Subaru dealership before coming to Patriot, and it's been great. I do a lot of custom work and rebuilding of my own cars, of which I am very proud. I love going to the track with my cars and driving them competitively on a closed course setup. Another thing I really enjoy is car photography, and take a lot of photos here at the store that have been used in our advertising.  Have to mention my dog Drew, a German Shepherd Brown Lab Mix, and my two cats, Horace and Karma.  They say hello.

George Jenkins
Lot Manager


Customer Service and Lender Relations

Shawn Lajeunesse
Lender Relations

Started: 02/29/2016
Greetings!   I am originally from Putnam, CT, and now reside in Sterling CT with my wife Dawn.  We have been together since 1991, married in 2002, and have two sons, now 19 and 15.  We love to go to concerts, movies, and doing things with the boys.  I've been in the car business since 2000, and worn many hats.  My passion, is playing drums, which began in the early 90's.  I had been playing trumpet, piano, and electric guitar, but I fell In love with playing the drums!  Primarily, hard rock, classic rock is the style, and I am very proud to be in a great band,  Shotgun Trust.  Influences - Iron Maiden, Van Halen, Scorpions, Judas Priest.  We play all over CT and RI- so check us out!  We're on Facebook and YouTube.  Rock On!

David Flora
Lender Relations

Started: 07/01/2019
Grew up a Navy brat, finished High School in Rhode Island, and attended Hawthorne College in Antrim NH.  I joined the Army in 1982 and was active duty thru 1986.  I then joined the MA National Guard and attended Flight School, flew in the MA Guard and the NY Guard until 1995. My career in the car business began in 1995 and have been doing so ever since.  Hobbies include being a private pilot, traveling and spending time with my wife, Melissa. 


Customer Service Internet

Betty Husted
Customer Service Internet Lead

Hi Folks, I'm Betty (or Elizabeth if I'm in trouble). I've been at Patriot Subaru of North Attleboro since we opened the doors back in 2014. I will never work at any other dealership or sell any other type of vehicle!  I'm on my 4th Subaru lease, currently driving a Forester Sport. I'm a Big Brother/Big Sister of the Ocean State organization and reside with my two hilarious cats, George and Charles. I've made it my mission to change customer's minds about the car-buying experience, it actually can be fun!

Katherine Riley
Customer Service Internet

Started: 09/04/2019 
Hi Everyone! I was born and raised just south of Boston. Sports and music have always been great passions of mine. Although I have played and loved almost all sports, ice hockey is my absolute favorite! I love all animals but especially my cat, Pesky. My best times are spent with my awesome nieces and nephews, family and friends. I LOVE making people laugh. "Laughing is my favorite!" I look forward to meeting you!

Kelly Brennan
Customer Service Internet

Hi everyone, I'm Kelly. I originally started at Patriot Subaru back in 2015, but left for a little while to write service for a luxury car group.  I am happier than ever to be back to selling cars with the Patriot Subaru team, coming up on my 6th year with the Subaru brand!  I recently rescued a four year old beagle named Charlie from Tennessee, and he comes to work with me every day!  Stop by and see us, I'd love to help you find your next car!


Customer 1st Service

Cliff Oliveira
Customer 1st Service Lead

Started: 05/08/2017 
Hi!  I'm Cliff Oliveira, recently relocated back to New England after 20 years in Florida.  My family is what brought me back to New England.  My youngest of 3 boys will be attending college in Quincy to play baseball and earn a degree in Sports Management.  Two older boys both live in the Orlando area, and I have two beautiful daughters;  one who lives in Florida and the other in Massachusetts. I have a beautiful fiance who is relocating with her son to New England.  To round it out, I have 2 dogs; a German Shepherd and a Rottweiler - Boxer mix . I enjoy riding my Harley Davidson, sports and spending time with family. My goal is to make sure you receive the highest level of service each and every time you visit. My door is always open. so please stop by for a cup of coffee or just to say hello!

Nikki Ormonde
Service Advisor

Started: 03/27/2018

Hi, I'm Nikki. I've been a service advisor since 2013. I grew up in North Attleboro, and recently purchased my first home here with my fiance and our two kids.  I've been working with Subaru since 2008. I LOVE sports. I'm a huge Red Sox and Bruins fan, and love watching golf.  I just became a dog mom to Jack, our German Shepherd/Great Pyrenesse puppy.  He'll be hanging with us in Service most days, stop by and say hello!

Tyler Oliveira
Service Advisor

Started: 06/04/2018

My grandfather was in the automotive business, and I was about 4 years old when he brought home a used Jaguar. I loved it.  My dad loved fixing classic cars, and my path to working in the automotive field continued to grow!


Derek Perryman
Service Advisor

Started: 09/16/2019

Anything to do with cars, anything with wheels, I am into. As a Service Advisor here at Patriot, I help all types of people understand what we're doing regarding the repairs and maintenance of their vehicle, and I can talk to them on any level.  Some of the customers love cars as much as I do, and we talk about that, where as others just want the basics. I enjoy it either way, here to help!

Mary Meda
Service Advisor

Started: 10/01/2014 
I am from Norfolk Ma, born and raised. I have a wonderful boyfriend named James and a miniature dachshund named Oscar! I grew up around cars and always had a passion for them. I went to a vocational high school and studied automotive technology for four years. However, I took a short detour, a career change, and became a hair dresser.  I was in that field for four years, but ultimately came back to my true passion of cars!

With the birth of Mary's daughter Maddison, Mary moved from our service department to reception, but you'll still enjoy Mary's video, welcoming service customers.

Also, visit Mary on

Veronica Dossantos
Service Advisor

Started: 10/01/2016 
I moved from Rhode Island to Massachusetts in 2007. In 2016, I started working for Subaru, while studying to be an automotive technician at a technical training school. I graduated in 2018, and served as a tech here at Patriot. I have since moved over to another important side of service, in our Business Development Center department. When I am not at Patriot, I'm typically spending time with friends or family, or you can find me working on the computer and listening to music.

Natasha Cratch
Service Express Advisor

Started: 02/03/2020 


Service Technicians

Cory Scothon
Service Tech

Started: 08/15/2016 
Hello, my name is Cory.  I was raised and have lived in Cumberland RI my entire life.  I graduated from New England Tech with a degree in software engineering and development.  Working on cars has always been a passion of mine. During the spring, summer and fall seasons I am usually found either working on my either my WRX or my Nissan 240sx drift car that I use at drifting events across New England. 

Eric Wong
Service Technician

Started: 06/26/2017 
When I am not at work, I love spending time with my family.  I have a son and a daughter that both keep me very busy.  I enjoy working around the house and am looking forward to purchasing my first home soon.

Anthony Delbonis
Service Technician

Started: 07/06/2015 

Cody McCarron
Service Express Technicain

Started: 10/22/2018 

Tony Garcia
Service Technician

Started: 08/06/2018 

Dominic Raimondi
Service Technician

Started: 06/10/2019 

Ashley Talbot
Service Technician

Ian Dexter
Service Technician

Hey, I'm Ian. I grew up around the race track with my father and always had an interest in cars. It wasn't until recently I decided to go to school to lear how to repair cars and make it my career. It's a nice sense of accomplishment to fix an issue on a vehicle, no matter how small it may be. When I'm not at work I spend most of my time trying to keep up with my toddler son, Ben!

Taneshia Hicks
Express Service Technician

Started 4/5/2021

Teagan Twomey
Service Technician

Sean Reed
Express Service Technician

Mike Dinh
Express Service Technician

Jason Periquito
Detail Specialist


Customer Service Parts

Craig Redegeld
Customer Service Parts Lead

Started: 10/30/2015
I am from Scarborough, Maine, and after several years at Patriot Subaru in Saco, I have relocated to the North Attleboro store.  My hobbies are working on cars and modifying them, as well as jet skiing, and disc golfing.  I came to Patriot because I felt that being in the parts department would be a job that I would enjoy. So far I am definitely liking it!

Cole Mitchell
Parts Advisor

Started: 06/27/2019
I was born and raised in Halifax, MA. I grew up around muscle cars my whole life,  but ever since my first ride in my friend's modified 05 STI, I was obsessed and motivated to get one myself. Less than a year later I purchased a 2015 STI and couldn't be happier!

David Nguyen


Accounting and Office

Sue Maurice

Jeannine Therriault
Office Administrator

Started: 10/22/2018

Stacey Perryman
Accounts Payable

Erica Miller
Accounting and Office

Hi I'm Erica. I am a young car enthusiast from Rhode Island, that owns two Subarus among my small collection of vehicles.  When I am not in the garage or on the track, you can find me anywhere from hugging trees in the mountain tops all the way down to collecting sea glass on the shore line. I am a pet mom to two, a crested Gecko named Shenron and a Maine Coon Cat named Samantha!  A fun fact about me is that I own 26 pairs of Limited Edition Vans skate shoes and even painted a pair of my own.

Linda Tavares
Lead Reception / Registration Specialist

Started: 07/02/2018
I was born and grew up in Pawtucket, RI. My family and I live in Johnston. My daughter attends Johnston High and my husband recently retired from the Portugese Army. I volunteer for the Providence EMT and work with their dialysis patients. I also spend time with my parents and assist them daily. I am known as a person with a heart of gold and am proud to be part of the Patriot Subaru Family.

Cheryl Rose

Hi! I was born and raised in North Attleboro, and have always loved living in New England.  I especially enjoy the summer and love spending my free time at the beach with my sister or relaxing in the yard with my cat Maddie.  Reading and spending time with my family are also passions of mine.



Tom Talbott
Marketing Lead

Patriot Subaru Founders Club Member.
Born in Bronxville, NY, grew up in CT, now residing in Gorham with wife Deb, married in 1983. Our son Jim is currently a pipe fitter /tech with Bath Iron Works.  I'm a graduate of Union College, 1980.  Came up through the ranks of radio sales and station management in Boston, Portsmouth, and Portland, before starting my ad agency in 1989.  Very active in coaching both Middle School and Collegiate lacrosse with USM year- round.  I retired at age 60 from competitive lacrosse in a Portland men's league, but still seem to have a stick in my hand every day.  Deb and I raised and bred alpacas for many years, though as of 2020 we have retired from that lifestyle. We were proud of the many alpacas born on our farm, who have all moved on to other farms in New England.   I'm the executive producer and a managing partner for an animated children's series called the Wompkees, which is getting into more and more space internationally.  I've been an active Rotary Club of Portland member since 1987 serving in almost every capacity, from club President, Ass't District Governor, to mentoring at Long Creek Youth Development.  Currently on the board for Friends of Long Creek Youth. I follow classic and hard rock, attending shows with several close Union fraternity brothers throughout New England, NY, NJ, PA.  Record stores - brew pubs - concert, that's the ticket.  3x Subaru buyer, now in my 2019 Legacy.

Joe Genender
Video Joe

Hey gang, so a little about me. I was raised in Long Island, NY.  After graduating high school, I moved to Florida and went to school for music and video production.  After finishing school, I worked as a freelance cameraman, editor,and all-around production guy.  An opportunity came up in Michigan doing work for a small video company. They hired me over the phone and I moved to Michigan and stayed and worked five years. I would return to Maine and wound up meeting my wife, Deb.  We've been married since 2003 and we have a teenage son in high school.  I started work with the Patriot Automotive Group back in 2011. I always enjoy working with everyone when the time comes to produce our videos. We always try to have some fun and have a good time while working on them. I hope to see you the next time I am in the store - I will be the guy with the camera!


Universal Love


Customer Relations

Meet Peaches, best of friends with our Service Advisor Derek Perryman!

Customer Relations

Meet our friend Jack, who frequently comes in with Nikki Ormonde. Jack is a German Shepherd / Great Pyrenees, born in the spring of 2021.

Customer Service

Hank's a wonderful Chocolate Lab who brightens our day whenever Nikki Ormonde brings him in. Young fella, born in spring 2022. Lots of fun ahead!

Customer Relations

Hi, I'm Stitch, and I'm with my best friend, Linda Tavares. I'm usually very busy keeping order here at the store, so it would be rare to catch me napping on the job. Well, maybe a nap now and then. Hope to see you soon!

Customer Relations

Hi, I'm Charlie, and thanks to my best friend Kelly Brennan, I was rescued from Tennessee.  I "work" in the Customer Service Internet department with Kelly, and will gladly come out to meet you on your next visit!

Customer Relations

Customer Relations

Subie was born in South Florida in October of 2011. She and all her litter mates were rescued when it was found that someone was buying them to train aggressive dogs. She has grown into a loving, sweet and playful friend who loves to be at Patriot Subaru. She loves the water and playing with other dogs.


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