Subaru Auto Repair and Service near Providence, RI
When you arrive at Patriot for service, you'll be greeted by an advisor, who will listen to your concerns and write up an order for the technicians. Our advisors will also give you a free wheel-alignment analysis, a free battery check, and a free tire pressure check.

You have options while you're vehicle is being serviced:

1. The comfortable lounge has Wi-Fi and a large flat screen TV.
2. We have a "Quiet Room" with individual work stations if you need to get a bit of work in while you wait.
3. Comfortable sofas to kick back and relax.
4. Free fruit, and well-stocked vending machines with both healthy snacks as well as sweet-tooth specials!
5. Clean executive-style restrooms.

Need a lift?
We have a Courtesy Car that can take you home or to work, and pick you up later.

Need a Loaner?
Depending on availability, we do have Loaner Vehicles. You must be 25 or older, with a valid ID, and a credit card on record.

Need Parts and Accessories?
We have a large inventory of genuine OEM Subaru parts, accessories, oils and fluids. We place orders everyday, so if there is an item not in stock, we can get it for you quickly. Great for the DIY'er!

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