You leased your vehicle for 36 months. Time flies, and it's about to mature! Relax.  Patriot Subaru specializes in crossing that lease bridge:  We're your Lease Maturity Headquarters!

Patriot Subaru can run all the numbers for you so you can make an educated decision. 

Buy It: 
You've been enjoying the car, you're all settled.  No changes in your driving routine, work, or family plans.  You decide you want to keep it - so just give us a call and we'll work out the details.  Patriot has some time saving benefits that make it easier to buy out your vehicle whether you choose to pay cash or finance. Patriot Subaru will take care of re-registering and titling in your name, and even mandatory state inspection.

Return It:  It was a good run, but you want that new car smell again!  If you don't want to get another Subaru, we will be more than happy to accept your lease return on behalf of Subaru Motors Finance. 

Get a New Car:  We'll go through the easy steps of return, and look at new opportunities. Chances are good that you can get out of your existing lease and in to another one now before your lease matures. No pressure, just what you've become accustomed to from Patriot Subaru.

What is the maturity date on my car lease?    
On your lease agreement, you agreed to a lease period of time - typically 36 months.   The end of that term is the maturity date, and you have the option of turning in the car, or buying the car.

What is a lease buy out loan?   
If you are near or at the end of your lease term, and you choose to purchase your vehicle, we can arrange financing for you.  If you want to stay in the car that you have enjoyed, we can help you do it!  Patriot Subaru becomes your single source for taking care of everything, from your loan to registration and titling and compulsory state inspection.
If I leased a Subaru from someone else, can I turn it in to Patriot?    
Yes you can!  We accept all lease returns from Subaru Financial Services.

Patriot Subaru in North Attleboro is your Headquarters for Lease Maturity matters. Give a call or visit, and we can help you find the best path forward.

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