Value Your Trade-In Online at Patriot Subaru

Whether you want to sell your vehicle, trade it in to upgrade to your next vehicle, or are curious of your options, we invite you to use our value your trade tool to have your vehicle appraised online in minutes. Our Kelley Blue Book value your trade tool is quick and easy to use, letting you fill out some quick information or input your vehicles VIN number and get the most accurate appraisal of your vehicles value online in minutes. It uses the most recent information from one of the industry leaders in evaluating the cash worth of vehicles.

We honor all trade-in appraisals after a quick inspection and will make you an offer on the spot, letting you head home with a check in hand, behind the wheel of your next vehicle, or to think about your options, there're no obligations.

How Do I Use the Value Your Trade Tool?

It only takes minutes to fill out all the information needed to get your vehicle appraised online. You'll just have to follow a series of drop down menus to provide us with all the necessary information. You'll start with the year and brand of your vehicle before moving into more specific sections, including brand, model, style, engine, transmission, drivetrain, and mileage. When you fill out the information, the system will automatically provide you with the options offered on the year, make, and model of your vehicle, so if you're not sure of the correct info, you'll be able to choose from the available possibilities.

After you fill out all your vehicle's information, you'll instantly receive a cash value appraisal on your vehicle. The Kelley Blue Book value your trade tool provides you with the most up to date and accurate evaluation possible, giving you the best idea of how much your vehicle is worth and what your options are moving forward.

What Do I Do After Getting My Vehicle Appraised?

After receiving your online appraisal, the next step is to schedule an inspection in our service center. You can easily choose the date and time that's most convenient with your busy schedule either online or over the phone. During the inspection, we'll look over your vehicle to ensure all the information provided online is correct and inspect its condition. After the inspection, we'll make you an offer, honoring the original appraisal given through the Kelley Blue Book tool.

What're My Options After Receiving My Offer?

You have multiple options after you receive your offer. We offer a stress-free shopping experience and there are no obligations after we make you an offer. The first option is to take the check and head home with it in hand to use for whatever you want to use it on. You can also leave the dealership and think about your offer for a while to ensure that you're making the best decision for your needs. You can also use the value of your trade-in and use it to buy or lease your next vehicle. Our financing experts are here to work with you and help use the value of your vehicle in the best manner to ensure that you're getting a great deal on the vehicle you want most.

We have a terrific selection of new Subaru models for sale, as well as an array of used vehicles, providing you with many different options and helping you choose the one that's right for you. We work closely with lenders to provide you with the best financing options possible and will help personalize the best plan in no time.

Contact Us with Any Questions Today

We encourage you to contact us with any questions you have about having your vehicle appraised or the process of selling or trading it in today.