As a Subaru dealer, the commitment to safety, reliability, and value retention Is first and foremost.  To keep those vehicles running smoothly requires maintenance.

Should you service at the dealership, or should you service at a neighborhood shop? At Patriot Subaru, we take great pride in our program, and offer the following good reasons why servicing here is a solid choice.

• Accountability
• Training
• Product Knowledge
• In-Stock Parts
• Recalls
• Pricing
• Warranty

First, know that as a customer you are greatly appreciated.  Upon completion of your service, you'll receive a survey from Subaru that will ask everything from the time you drive in until you depart. Your report on our efficiency, pricing, timeliness, and of course solving any vehicle issues is all evaluated. Subaru assesses these reports and will reward or discipline on those results.  In other words, it is not just our commitment and pride; it's Subaru as well. Respectfully, a local repair shop rarely has this type of oversight to monitor customer satisfaction and concerns.

Patriot Subaru hires experienced professionals who have been factory trained and keep up with the latest guidelines and techniques.  They are skilled with the most sophisticated diagnostic equipment that Patriot Subaru and Subaru provide to them, in a climate-controlled, clean, atmosphere.  We are not a training ground for entry-level technicians; we hire those who have received accredited levels including Master Technicians.

Product Knowledge
Our team is capable of working on any make or model because our technicians are well versed in automotive diagnostics and repair.  That said, if you have purchased a Subaru here, (or from away!) know that our techs are top-notch Subaru specialists.  They work on Subarus 40 hours a week, and are able to identify and properly assess any situation in order to make the proper repair the first time.  Local shops see all kinds of vehicles, and while very knowledgeable, are not Subaru experts like we are.

In-Stock Parts
We have one of the largest in-stock selections of Genuine Subaru OEM Parts right at the store, so the majority of repairs can be fixed quickly, same day.  A local shop typically does not have the space or the ability to stock a broad array of items, which might require renting a car for a few days. If Patriot cannot repair your vehicle the day of your appointment, we do have loaner vehicles ready to go, no charge.

To keep our inventory up to date and complete, we place orders daily. So, if there is a part that needs to be ordered, we'll get it quickly.  Smaller shops only order once a week, and pay a lot more to have special orders shipped in.  In fact, Patriot supplies many of the independent repair shops.

Let's touch on the importance of OEM parts.  (Original Equipment Manufacturer)   These parts were designed for your vehicle, and thus have been thoroughly tested and approved by national safety organizations. 

You can ask a local repair shop if they use OEM parts on your vehicle, but chances are it is a generic brand designed to "fit all."  That might save you some money, which looks attractive at first.  On the other hand, it won't typically come with the same type of warranty.  It also is prone to wearing out faster, so in the long run it'll cost you again.  You paid good money for your vehicle, so you're better off using the right parts to maintain it.


If you have the repair done at the dealership, the recall work is free.  Recalls are usually minor, some are significant, and all should be taken seriously.  The manufacturer has identified a safety concern, or has seen that a part has not met their expectations.  The dealership is geared up and ready to handle the extra work, has the replacement part ready, and can fix it quickly. Subaru will reimburse the dealer for the work, but will not reimburse a local shop. At the local dealer, they may not even be aware of the recall, parts will have to be ordered, and you'll have to pay for the repair.

Neighborhood shops are often less expensive, but there's always a reason why.   We know many of them, and in most cases, they're good people. So respectfully we'd just refer to the points above.  Servicing at Patriot Subaru assures you that you're getting the right parts, quickly, and installed by a highly trained Subaru technician.  We can supply a loaner if needed, and all the work is guaranteed.  We hold ourselves to the highest standards, with Subaru providing independent oversight.  In the long run, you'll save time and money.

Every Subaru comes with a strong Manufacturers Warranty, and Patriot adds its Exclusive Lifetime Warranty.  To keep the Warranty intact, just follow the Manufacturers Service Schedule, designed to be efficient and economical. By taking care of the vehicle at set intervals, you stay ahead of problems.   If you neglect the little things, suddenly you're looking at major repairs.  Working with a dealership keeps you on track.  Plus, it goes without saying that the dealer is going to be on top of items that are warranted. 

Patriot Subaru
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