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Quick Computer Analysis at Patriot Subaru

When you are driving, do you experience the following:
- Your car seems to pull hard left or right
- You feel the car drifting, even though you are driving straight
- The steering wheel vibrates
- Your car seems to "shimmy and shake"

If you feel these sensations, it means your car is out of alignment. This means that the angles of your wheels, are no longer true to the manufacturers specifications, and tracking incorrectly. It could also indicate that your suspension has become compromised. If the suspension has worn, or the springs stretched, you will get those uncomfortable driving sensations.

Of course, by the time you feel it, your tires are probably worn unevenly, your gas mileage has decreased, and the car is less safe to drive.  You may be getting an alignment, plus having to get a set new of tires too. Bummer!

Patriot Subaru uses the Hunter Hawkeye® Elite Alignment Analysis System, to give you a computer read out of your car's alignment in about 90 seconds. Just drive in to our customer service bay, and your service technician will attach four sensors to your wheels.
The quick release springs takes just seconds to mount on each wheel. No metal on metal, so there is no chance of scratching.

 it's fast, accurate, and most important, it can tell you if those pot holes have caused some of those finely tuned components to weaken the suspension system.
Well before you start feeling those "shimmies", get a free alignment check at Patriot Subaru.

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